Bathroom attendants a professional service since 2002 for clubs in San Diego, keep bathrooms safer and cleaner.  Male and female attendants serving for almost 14 years in first class clubs and venues, Reliable, Honest, Courteous and Professional.
San Diego Bathroom Attendants
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Brief History:
San Diego Bathroom Attendants started almost 14 years ago (September 2002) in a very small venue in East County. The actual bathroom was extremely tiny and the customers were very sparse. With a little imagination, great work ethics and persistence, San Diego Bathroom Attendants are now strongly embedded in the San Diego County area.

Mission and Benefits:
First and foremost, our Services are offered free of charge to you the Client (unless the venue dictates a stipend). Gratuities (tips) are earned for services rendered by the attendants, these gratuities are generated by the graciousness and generosity of your customers. Your customer will “never” feel pressured to contribute any sums at anytime by any Attendant. Each venue will have the fullest compliment of amenities, lotions, and a vast array of Colognes and Sprays for your customers. All of our current Attendants meet or exceed any standard of quality and excellence in providing the most competent and capable Bathroom Service available anywhere in San Diego and Southern California.

Bathroom Attendants:
San Diego Bathroom Attendants have the necessary experience and track record to provide your customers with the finest service possible. Our training program and future scheduling options will provide the foundation to meet all your requirements. San Diego Bathroom Attendants are always on time and always stay until the required time. In some venues, we provide paper towels, soap, air fresheners and complete set up at our own expense. We welcome you to visit any of our current clients and personally inspect all aspects of our service (you may even visit anonymously).

Our Vision
Summary of what we will achieve by “doing what we do”
♦   Be the absolute best and most professional Bathroom Service in San Diego.
♦   Provide the utmost premier quality service to our client’s customers.
♦   Enable our clients to maximize the benefit of our service to their customers.
♦   Constantly strive to improve in all aspects of our duties.

Our Goal Values
Values guide behavior which is key to customer relations
♦   Quality: is our top priority, both in service, performance and products.
♦   Courtesy: always treating the customer, as we would want to be treated.
♦   Respect: always respecting the rights and privacy of everyone.
♦   Work Ethic: working hard and giving professional, courteous attention to detail.
♦   Success: comes before working hard in the dictionary but not in real life.
♦   Accomplishment: at the end of every day, knowing you have done your best.

♦ ♦ ♦   Bathroom Attendants – An Asset to You:
Although this type of position is often seen as a limited service to patrons, there is often a need for the bathroom attendant to keep the bathroom clean and sanitary. In addition, many venues rely on this service to be an “extra” set of eyes, an extra body in the system to keep tabs on patrons and activities that might occur in the privacy of a bathroom setting. Alcohol, drugs and smoking are severely curtailed with the presence of an attendant. In addition, it is our experience that even rowdy behavior is kept in check when there is a body present to prevent this activity. The client does not employ San Diego Bathroom Attendants; therefore they are not responsible for any such activities that may occur. They are not involved in any aspect of security or monitoring of activities, just the appearance of such is enough.

♦ ♦ ♦   What we do and How we do it:
Your attendant will arrive approximately 15-30 minutes before each shift to set up. This includes making sure the area is clean and sanitary. When customers begin to use the facilities, the attendant will be there to provide assistance with water, soap and towels as needed. The attendant might greet the customer or return a greeting from the customer. Once the customer has washed and dried as needed, they are free to use the complimentary items available or choose a mint or some other condiment. The customer is free to leave at that point. If the customer chooses, he “tips” the attendant for services and efforts. Much the same as you would “tip” a waitperson for taking your order and delivering it to you. The service is of course “free”, just as a waitperson’s position, without the benefit of hourly compensation. It is a “service” provided by the client to the customer.

♦ ♦ ♦   Why have this service in the first place?:
Great Question! The answer lies in each venue. Security, a touch of class, cleanliness or just a little “extra” service to the customers. No one is offended by having a professional bathroom attendant service in the bathroom area. Many customers are actually very pleased to see someone stationed inside. Yes, many jokes have been made about bathroom attendants; some are very funny, some are very unkind. Bottom line, you and your patrons will be better served having this service and not have any incidences, rather than not having the service and having any incidence. We invite your questions, comments or suggestions.

In Closing:
San Diego Bathroom Attendants is dedicated to serving
the greater San Diego area and providing the very best and most
professional Bathroom Attendants to enhance and expand your ability
to serve your customers. We always say, “Thank You!”.
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San Diego Bathroom Attendants
“The Bathroom Guys”
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